Enhancing Virtual Nutrition Service Delivery.

There is high (and growing) demand for quality, evidence-based, nutrition education support in chronic disease management. Such demand is currently unable to be met within current healthcare resources and models of care. Services are typically delivered to patients via repeated face-to-face interactions, it is resource intensive and unsustainable.

The aim of this research project is to determine the perspectives of clinicians and key decision makers in health services on the barriers and enablers to adoption, scale-up and sustainability of nutrition care using mobile health (mHealth) in hospital and outpatient settings.

This project is being conducted at Metro-North Hospital and Health Service (MNHHS). The project draws on the principles from the Non-adoption, Abandonment, Scale-up, Spread and Sustainability (NASSS) framework (1) to develop, deliver and evaluate a mHealth service for nutrition care.

Lead Researcher

A/Prof Katrina Campbell

Project Team Members

Dr Jaimon Kelly
Mrs Charlene Wright
Ms Amandine Barnett


(1) Greenhalgh T, Wherton J, Papoutsi C, Lynch J, Hughes G, Hinder S, Fahy N,
Procter R, Shaw S. Beyond adoption: a new framework for theorizing
and evaluating nonadoption, abandonment, and challenges to the scale-up,
spread, and sustainability of health and care technologies. Journal of medical Internet research. 2017;19(11):e367.

Jaimon Kelly

Dr Jaimon Kelly is a consultant Accredited Practising Dietitian and Senior Research Fellow at The University of Queensland Centre for...

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