Dr Radhika Arunkumar is a dedicated and visionary research program manager with a profound commitment to manage the centre including industry partners, researchers, chief investigators, and career development program members associated within Connected Health CRE. Her interests are on actively partnering with industry and cross disciplinary collaborators to bring research out of the lab to benefit the healthcare system. She has years of experience in piloting ideas, building prototype and a strong background in technology including user research, user testing, concept development, high fidelity prototypes of both web and mobile application. Radhika completed her PhD and navigated her interests into digital health where her primary interest is around improvising maternal health care delivery in remote regions in Australia and developing countries. Here at the CRE, she brings in exceptional leadership quality and strategic approaches in leading the centre. Radhika’s dedication extends to mentor emerging researchers, and supervising PhD students through research and innovation in reshaping the healthcare landscape.

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