Jaimon Kelly

Research Fellows

Dr Jaimon Kelly is a consultant Accredited Practising Dietitian and Senior Research Fellow at The University of Queensland Centre for Online Health. Jaimon is an expert in digital health and nutrition in chronic disease and was the lead of Dietitians Australia’s Position Statement on Telehealth.

Jaimon has a PhD in technology-supported lifestyle interventions and delivering dietary education to improve people’s dietary self-management. Jaimon’s research program focuses on understanding the feasibility, experience, effectiveness, and cost-effectiveness of technology-enabled health systems and interventions for improving patient-centred care in chronic disease and simplifying nutrition communication for clinicians and people living with chronic conditions.

Through research, advocacy and practice, Jaimon is now using his experience in technology-supported nutrition care to advance nutrition in chronic disease management and sustain the use of telehealth-delivered nutrition care in Australia.