Proactive Conversational Agents for Self-managing Chronic Diseases.

Previous studies have implemented and evaluated technology-enabled self-management systems by delivering voice- or text-based support to people with chronic conditions through computers, telephones, phone messages, and smartphone applications as interfaces.

However, those studies have also demonstrated that self-management systems face challenges in user engagement and maintenance. Personalized messages and interventions are considered more effective as patients tend to be more engaged in using the system.

This project aims to implement chronic disease self-management systems using proactive conversational agents, such as chatbots and smart speakers. The goal of these technologies is to inform and empower patients with knowledge and tools to support positive behaviour change towards more active, confident, and engaged self-management.

Conversational agents are interactive and can provide patients with necessary and evidence-based advice and interventions through text- or voice-based applications. Delivering just-in-time interventions through proactive conversational agents will provide more engaging and optimal support to patients and further improve existing interventions.

This project is undertaken at the University of Melbourne.

Project Team members

Jing Wei

PhD student School of Computing and Information Systems, University of Melbourne

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