CRE CDP trainees – Dr McNeil will present at international conference in Germany later this year and Amandine Bennett will be presenting at the Dietitian Australia conference

This will take place in Bremen, Germany in September, 2023  on “How Are Digital Health Resources Assisting People with the Prioritisation of Health-Related Change Goals?”, submitted along with Prof Charles Abraham, and Prof Ron Borland. In this presentation, Dr McNeill will present the results of a recent scoping review. She will discuss the current status of digital resources that can help people identify and prioritise health goals as well as highlight existing gaps. 

Amandine Barnette will be presenting an oral abstract titled “Digital food records in clinical practice: Assessing feasibility of use” (first author) and a poster titled ‘Does transitioning from siloed dietitian contact to multimorbid group video consultations impact the types of dietary education delivered in people with elevated cardiometabolic risk?

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August e-newsletter
Dr Kaley Button attended the World Congress on Public Health (WCPH) in Rome, Italy.
CRE Career Devlopment Program Trainee Dr Narayan Subedi presents at the International Society of Behavioural Nutrition and Physical Activity (ISBNPA) conference (14-17 June 2023) in Uppsala, Sweden.
Ron Rorland, Charles Abraham and our CDP member Dr Ilona Mc Neil had recently published their work on “The need for a personalized, core digital resource to facilitate health self-management
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