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Connected Health CRE 2-day workshop

The aims of the two-day workshop were to encourage researchers to share project ideas and  to identify CRE collaboration opportunities.. The workshop involved 26 attendees including CRE Chief Investigators and CDP Members. Over the course of two days, CDP members engaged in a series of interactive sessions which are briefly outlined below.


A/Prof Lucio Naccarella and Dr Nana Hempler Steno Diabetes Centre, University of Copenhagen, Denmark) presented at the European Healthcare Design Congress held in London, 12-14 June, 2023. As part of the Congress (Lucio Naccarella, The University of Melbourne, Australia and presented a paper on Leave no-one behind’: Unlocking the potential of digital health equity to strengthen health system resilience for all People with Chronic Conditions.  The presentation was designed to facilitate discussions the challenges and enablers facing digital health to strengthen health system resilience for all; and identifying policy, practice and research collaborators to work with connected health to unlock the potential of digital health equity.

Career Development Program Members Highlights

Dr Jonathan Rawstorn presented at the European Society of Cardiology Congress (25-28 August 2023). Jonathan has also been invited by A/Prof Camilla Sandberg to visit University Hospital Umeå’s Department of Community Medicine and Rehabilitation. A/Prof Sandberg is currently leading a clinical trial to evaluate an exercise telerehabilitation intervention that was developed by Jonathan. The meeting will focus on developing the 3-year collaboration to discuss the current trial, future collaborative projects and grants, and extend previous discussions about opportunities for the hospital to license the telerehabilitation intervention for use in clinical practice, Health Clinic and Amazon Web services.


Dr Chris Lynch, has been accepted to participate in the new “Rising star Program” at La Trobe University. The program would benefit all ECR’s from strategic career planning, support for career progression and extensions to our mentoring network. The strategic advice and feedback, beyond ‘more papers, more grants’, provided by the program will help to support Chris and others in placing in the best possible position to succeed

Charlene Wright has been invited to present a paper, “A mixed‐method study to inform the development and implementation of eHealth in a bariatric surgery service in an Australian public hospital” . At the Australia’s webinar called ‘Research Bites’ which highlights novel research in nutrition and dietetics from top researchers in the field. This webinar theme is ‘Technology in contemporary dietetic practice’ and will occur in November 


Amandine Barnett presented at the Dietitians Australia conference as well as the Allied Health Research Symposium of Metro North Health and Metro South Health on Digital food records in clinical practice. Assessing the feasibility of use – Digitalisation of food records holds promise; however, there are limited research reporting on the feasibility in clinical practice. The aim was to determine the performance of digital food records in routine clinical practice for complex chronic conditions by assessing the rate of errors, the impact of dietitian adjusted data on nutritional values and acceptability. A key takeaway of this work is that Dietitian input is imperative to the improve the accuracy in digital food records, which may impact their use in clinical practice.  


Justin Braver presented his PhD research at the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) Congress 2023 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The title of his abstract is: Does a digitally enabled telerehabilitation program reduce hospital admissions and length of stay for private health insurance patients in Australia? Justin will be presenting in the Telehealth & Remote patient monitoring session. 

Our Career Development Program Member Justin Braver is on the news!

Recent Publication Highlights from CDP Members:

  • Wright, C., Kelly, J. T., Campbell, K. L., Healy, R., Musial, J., & Hamilton, K. (2023). A mixed‐method study to inform the development and implementation of eHealth in a bariatric surgery service in an Australian public hospital. Nutrition & Dietetics. Find the article here
  • Livesay K,Petersen S, Walter R, Zhao L,Butler-Henderson K, Abdolkhani R. Sociotechnical Challenges of Digital Health in Nursing Practice During the COVID-19 Pandemic: National Study. Find the article here
  • Razmpour, F., Daryabeygi-Khotbehsara, R., Soleimani, D., Asgharnezhad, H., Shamsi, A., Sadeghi Bajestani, Gh., Nematy, M., Razm Pour, M., Maddison, R., & Shariful Islam, S. M. (2023). Application of Machine Learning in Predicting Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease using Anthropometric and Body Composition Indices. Find the article here
  • Willems R, Annemans L, Siopis G, Moschonis G, Vedanthan R, Jung J, Kwasnicka D, Oldenburg B, d’Antonio C, Girolami S, Agapidaki E, Manios Y, Verhaeghe N; DigiCare 4You. Cost effectiveness review of text messaging, smartphone application, and website interventions targeting. Find the article here
  • Daryabeygi-Khotbehsara, R., Dunstan, D. W., Shariful Islam, S. M., Abdelrazek, M., Zhang, Y., & Maddison, R. (2023). Just-in-time adaptive intervention (JITAI) to Sit Less and Move More: protocol for a micro-randomised trial (MRT) in people with type 2 diabetes. JMIR Protocols. (in copy editing)

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Dr Kaley Button attended the World Congress on Public Health (WCPH) in Rome, Italy.
CRE Career Devlopment Program Trainee Dr Narayan Subedi presents at the International Society of Behavioural Nutrition and Physical Activity (ISBNPA) conference (14-17 June 2023) in Uppsala, Sweden.
CRE CDP trainees – Dr McNeil will present at international conference in Germany later this year and Amandine Bennett will be presenting at the Dietitian Australia conference
Ron Rorland, Charles Abraham and our CDP member Dr Ilona Mc Neil had recently published their work on “The need for a personalized, core digital resource to facilitate health self-management
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