Workshop: Working with GP dataset

Gabriele is currently in the last year of his PhD in Computing and Information System. He works with a lot of different datasets, mostly analysing and visualizing the data to gather insights. He says: “As part of the CRE I’m very excited about the variety and the amount of data we can collect by collaborating with our colleagues in different disciplines and institutions.

The meeting led by one of the CRE Senior Researchers, Dr Annie Lau was a great introduction to the dataset available in her Consumer Informatics research team at Macquarie University, consisting of videos and transcripts from 229 in-person GP consultations. It was a great way to bring experts from different fields together and it was rather interesting to see how people from different backgrounds pick up and focus on different details. While the data scientists mostly focus on the automated analysis of the data, the doctors and health informatics researchers were mostly interested in the insights that could directly be applied to improve both GPs and patients. This in turn helped move the data analysis stage to a more concrete and goal oriented plan. I’m definitely looking forward to see an excerpt of the data and see what we can gather from it to help both GPs and patients!”

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