Future of virtual healthcare delivery in a COVID-19 world: Learnings and challenges


Please join us for the 6th NHMRC CRE Webinar led by Professor Keith McNeil with Professor Peter Brooks as the discussant. Prof McNeil will discuss how he sees the future of virtual healthcare delivery in Australia and how research can inform these developments. COVID has been the Uber disruptor of healthcare delivery  unwanted, unwelcome and undeniably disruptive, but just as Uber provoked the taxi industry to rapidly adapt to a new world, so to has COVID challenged healthcare systems to work differently. Nowhere is this more evident than in the rapid deployment and/or scaling up of virtual healthcare models, be they straightforward telehealth reviews through to more sophisticated remote monitoring platforms. The ongoing evaluation of these models in terms of outcome, efficiency and productivity will be critical in charting the way forward, and real time collection and analysis of data will enable an agile response enabling us to transform healthcare delivery over the years to come, with or without the ongoing stimulus of COVID-19.

Prof Keith McNeil <br>
Prof Keith McNeil

Acting Deputy Director-General and Chief Medical Officer and Chief Clinical Information Officer, Queensland Health