Automated coaching programs to improve diabetes management


While many mhealth programs are now widely available and at least some have been shown to help individuals monitor and improve lifestyle behaviors and improve clinical outcomes relevant to chronic disease management, it is still unclear how automated health coaching programs can really engage users and improve the management of chronic conditions, such as diabetes. In this webinar, Prof. Brian Oldenburg, the CRE Director, introduces his previous experience from several randomized trials that have demonstrated the great potential of telehealth and voice-delivered programs in achieving clinical, behavioral and quality of life outcomes. Enying Gong, one of the trainees of the CRE, will introduce some of the findings from a recent project that has used an embodied conversational agent to improve type 2 diabetes management. The webinar discusses how the program could be further optimized to achieving better health outcomes at both individual and population levels. One of the other CRE co-investigators, Prof Barr Taylor from Stanford University and Palo Alto University, is a discussant.